The Importance of Consecration Renewal


October 2017What is the Importance of Consecration Renewal? (from the Consecration Renewal Conference)

Through the living of perfect Consecration, we are being drawn into the inaccessible Light of the Trinity Itself. … The supreme effect of Consecration (and its renewal): a true mystical union with God Alone. (Jesus Living in Mary 226)

St. Louis de Montfort believed that Perfect Devotion to Our Lady was one in the same thing as the Perfection of the Christian Spiritual Life, because of the radical identification with Jesus that this produces within us. Fr. Hugh Gillespie, in a recent Consecration Renewal Conference, points out St. Louis de Montfort’s spiritual teachings state that the preparation for and the Act of Total Consecration is the first External sign of Perfect Devotion. It is the first step and once it is completed, as Fr. Hugh discusses, it is normally accompanied with “What Do I Do Now”?.

St. Louis de Montfort tells us of the importance of Consecration Renewal, on the anniversary of making one’s Act of Total Consecration, and even every day. Why is this important and what does it lead to in one’s spiritual life?

Follow along with Fr. Hugh as he discusses Consecration Renewal and listen to Part 2 of the Consecration Renewal Conference. The links to the other discussions in the conference appear below.

Part 1: Difference Between Consecration and Total Consecration

Part 3: What are the Strategies and Mechanics of Consecration Renewal?

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