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October 2017What are the Strategies and Mechanics of Consecration Renewal? (from the Consecration Renewal Conference)

The Act of Consecration of oneself to Jesus, the Incarnate Wisdom, by the hands of Mary, (St. Louis de Montfort LEW 231) …. May not be reduced to a simple formula without influencing one’s life, it must be prepared for by serious reflection and prolonged prayer. (Jesus Living in Mary 831)

What are the strategies and mechanics for Consecration Renewal? Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM at a recent Consecration Renewal Conference, states there is a way to put the core pieces of spirituality together. If one masters this process of Consecration Renewal, it is possible to master the essential elements of spirituality.

There are two essential elements that one needs to master. Fr. Hugh outlines these essential elements, and provides specific examples on how they can be applied to one’s spiritual life.

You are invited to listen to Part 3 of Fr. Hugh’s recent Consecration Renewal Conference. This 25 minute discussion summarizes St. Louis de Montfort’s spiritual teachings and provides us with a method of renewal that helps focus spiritual prayer. The links to the prior discussions in the conference appear below.

Part 1: Difference Between Consecration and Total Consecration

Part 2: The Importance of Consecration Renewal

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