The Queen

QoAH_1stIssue_Page_01Beginning in May, 1950, with its foundation by de Montfort Fathers Fr. Roger Charest and Fr. Francis Tomai, and continuing through December, 2006, Queen of All Hearts Magazine was a constant source of spiritual nourishment and support for the members of the Association.  Published bi-monthly, The Queen, as the magazine was commonly named, was a welcome visitor to the mailboxes and homes of our members – welcome not only for the gift of spiritual wisdom it brought, but also for the way it allowed us to be connected both to the members of the Company of Mary in the United States and around the world and to our spiritual brothers and sisters in the Association.

We will be slowly making available here a number of offerings from the treasury of Queen of All Hearts Magazine – at times individual articles or excerpts and at other times entire issues.

Queen of All Hearts Magazine, issue #1


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