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How do I know if what I am doing in my spiritual life is correct? What do I do before making my Act of Total Consecration? What’s next, after making my Total Consecration? All of these questions and more are common to all who practice a spiritual prayer life. Everyone’s journey is slightly different, because we are all at different stages in our spiritual journey. There is no one single roadmap of activities that fits all. However, the Montfort Fathers, including Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM, have created a series of audio and video preaching’s on the spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort. The content will indeed influence one’s Spiritual Prayer Life and influence your own Spiritual Journey.
While there is no one Spiritual Roadmap, we have created a recommended roadmap list of readings and audio/video media that we believe is the best way to understand, and subsequently practice, the Spiritual Life as proposed by St. Louis de Montfort. Again, this is a recommended sequence, and is not a harden rule. If you have already made your Act of Total Consecration, or if you have read some of St. Louis de Montfort’s writings, we recommend that you start from the beginning, and read the materials in tandem with the media outlined below. With the media, we believe everyone will obtain greater spiritual insights than just reading Fr. de Montfort’s writings separately.

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Spiritual Media
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Secret of Mary
This video reviews line by line The Secret of Mary letter (booklet). The letter was authored by St. Louis de Montfort to someone who wanted to deepen their Spiritual Life. The Secret of Mary is required reading prior to performing an Act of Total Consecration.
Preparation for Total Consecration (Gray Book)
The Gray Book outlines the 33 day process to perform the Act of Total Consecration according to St. Louis de Montfort. The video, Preparation for Total Consecration, is to be used in tandem with the Gray Book throughout the 33 day process. See links for both.
Spiritual Insights on Consecration Renewal
These three Spiritual Insights focus on the difference between Consecration and Total Consecration, as well as Consecration Renewal Importance and Renewal Strategies. Listen to obtain Spiritual Insights on these three topics.
Secret of the Holy Rosary
This video and booklet reveals St. Louis de Montfort’s love for the Holy Rosary and its Secret. Fr. Hugh preaches on Fr. de Montfort’s teaching.
True Devotion
This video and booklet reveals St. Louis de Montfort’s teachings on True Devotion to Mary. This document is, without question, the work most attributed to spreading the name of and devotion to Mary that has marked Fr. de Montfort’s own spiritual journey. Use the video and booklet in tandem.
Friends of the Cross
If anyone wishes to follow me, let him deny himself, pick up his cross and follow me. This video and booklet examines St. Louis de Montfort’s thoughts on the meaning of this biblical verse.
Living Total Consecration
Living Total Consecration … “my heart ought to burn with longing for it.” (St. Louis de Montfort: TD 173) Fr. Hugh continues the teachings of St. Louis de Montfort in describing in detail, what it means to live in Holy Slavery and do all things Through Mary, With Mary, In Mary and For Mary….so that we may do all things Through Jesus Christ, With Jesus Christ, In Jesus Christ and For Jesus Christ. What does all that mean, and how should it influence not only our spiritual journey, but how we live? This is the basis for this video series.
Spiritual Insights
Review the remaining Spiritual Insights, as well as Other Video and Conference Audio.

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