Prayer to the Blessed Virgin

12882_2744685_nHail Mary, most beloved Daughter of the Eternal Father;
Hail Mary, admirable Mother of the Son;
Hail Mary, most faithful Spouse of the Holy Spirit;
Hail Mary, my dear Mother;
my amiable Mistress and my powerful Queen,
Hail, my joy, my glory, my heart and my soul!
You are all mine through mercy, and I am all yours through justice.
But I am not yet sufficiently yours:
I give myself entirely to you once again, as an eternal slave,
with nothing reserved for myself or for any other.

If you still see in me something that does not belong to you,
I ask you to take it this moment,
and to make yourself the absolute Mistress of my powers;
to destroy, uproot and bring to nothing in me
everything that displeases God,
and there to plant, there to raise up and
there to work everything that pleases you.

May the light of your faith dispel the darkness of my mind;
may your profound humility take the place of my pride;
may your sublime contemplation stop
the distractions of my wandering imagination;
may your continual vision of God fill my memory with his presence;
may the fire of the charity of your heart stretch
and inflame the apathy and chill of my own;
may your virtues take the place of my sins;
may your merits be my adornment and my completion before God.
Finally, my most dear and beloved Mother, grant, if it be possible,
that I may have no other mind than yours
to know Jesus Christ and his divine will;
that I may have no other soul than yours
to praise and glorify the Lord;
that I may have no other heart than yours to love God
with a pure love and an ardent love like you.

I do not ask you for visions, or revelations,
or experiences or pleasures, even those that are spiritual.
It is yours to see clearly without darkness;
it is yours to savor fully without bitterness;
it is yours to triumph gloriously at the right-hand of your Son in heaven without any humiliation;
it is yours to command absolutely
angels, and men and demons without resistance,
and lastly, to apply, according to your will,
all of the good things of God, without reservation.

Behold, O divine Mary,
the excellent portion that the Lord has given you,
and which will never be taken from you;
and which gives me a great joy.
For my portion, here below,
I want no other than that which you had known:
to believe purely without tasting or seeing;
to suffer joyously, without consolation from creatures;
to die continually to myself, without respite;
to work bravely, even unto death, for you,
without any interest of my own,
as the most worthless of your slaves.

The only grace I ask of you, through pure mercy,
is that every day and every moment of my life,
I may say three times, “Amen”:
Amen: So be it, to all that you have done on the earth
when you lived there;
Amen: So be it, to all that you are doing now in heaven;
Amen: So be it, to all that you are doing in my soul,
so that there will be none but you to fully glorify Jesus in me,
through time and through eternity.

© The Company of Mary

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