Novena Prayer to Mary, Queen of all hearts


O Mary, Queen of all hearts,
Advocate of hopeless causes,
Mother so pure, so compassionate,
Mother of divine Love and full of divine light,
I place in your hands so gentle
the favors that we await from you today.

Look upon our wretchedness,
our hearts, our tears, our interior trials, our sufferings:
You can answer our prayers through
the merits of your divine Son, Jesus Christ.

We promise, if our prayers are heard,
to spread your glory and to make you known
under the title of Mary, Queen of all hearts
and Queen of all creation.

Graciously hear our prayers at your altar,
where every day you give so many proofs of your power and your love
for the healing of the soul and of the body.

We hope against all hope:
Ask of Jesus our healing, our pardon and our final perseverance.

O Mary, Queen of all hearts, heal us. We place our trust in you.   (3 times)


Go to Confession, receive Holy Communion and recite this prayer for nine consecutive days.

© The Company of Mary

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