Fr Hugh on Texas News TV

“Eternal Wisdom… invites [us] to come to Him because He wants to teach them the way to happiness” (St. Louis de Montfort LEW 5)

Fr. Hugh discusses on the Valley Catholic Live TV Show the advance planning for a valley-wide Consecration Mission, which is held every two years. Starting in 2010, this is the fifth such mission that Fr. Hugh has overseen. Fr. Hugh discusses the secret of St. Louis de Montfort with the Communications Office of the Brownsville Diocese. There is a secret to renewed vigor in spiritual life and it has a name. And her name is Mary. The more fully we live as the children of Mary, the true child of Mary (Jesus) becomes rooted into our hearts.

Fr. Hugh and the announcer discuss carving out a space. Carving out our time to focus on the discipline to consecrate our time to Him. Another discussion topic in the video are the Consecration resources that are available. Fr. Hugh discusses that the Spanish version, and other materials, were first used in the Valley before the resources were actually published and made available to others. The Preparation for Total Consecration (gray book) and the (black book) Living the Consecration were created from materials that were used and refined in the missions within the Valley.

This summer, there will be a program in the Valley for people either to renew their Consecration, or to make their initial Consecration.
Fr. Hugh explains that his visit is not only to help plan the summer sessions and the Consecration Mass, but also to provide formation to the team members to ensure they have the support they need to manage this very large program.

The TV announcer asks Fr. Hugh for any lessons or advice. Fr. Hugh makes several points. One was that a few weeks ago we celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany. Fr. Hugh states that wise men still find Jesus with his Mother. The kings that found the Christ child with his Mother brought gifts to honor Him. Listen to the video for lessons that should influence our own lives and more about the consecration program in this area of Texas.    

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