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Blessed …. are those who understand these eternal truths, … for they will shine in heaven like stars for all eternity (St. Louis de Montfort LEW 153)

As Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM previously announced, it is with great pleasure that we reveal a new multimedia section on the Queen of All Hearts’ website. The multimedia video and audio may be streamed (played) on any of your computers, laptops, iPads, smart TVs or smartphones. No other equipment is needed, and the audio and video treasures may be freely viewed/listened to as often as you would like. It is Fr. Hugh’s and QoAH’s desire that you make use of this material to help you grow in your own Spirituality, and therefore, he is making these materials and tools available for free twenty-four hours a day.

As many of you know, Fr. Hugh, is the National Moderator for The Association of Mary, Queen of All Hearts. He preaches at missions, retreat days and conferences all over the world, including throughout the United States. His preaching is based upon the teachings of St. Louis de Montfort. Many of these conferences and talks are taped, and as a result, he is now making this spiritual media available to you.

There will be four areas within this new multimedia section. The first is Spiritual Insights – where Fr. Hugh discusses focused topics that will help us all in our Spiritual Prayer Life. The second area is the Conference Audio section. This section has multiple audios and focuses on one retreat topic (such as The Secret of the Holy Rosary) at a time. More will be added to this section shortly. The third section is the Video section.

Select to Display the Initial Titles Within Spiritual Insights


Select to Display the Initial Titles Within the Video Section


Fr. Hugh has made available the QoAH Videos to us all. Because there are in excess of eighty videos, covering 14 titles, we have divided the videos into four categories – St. Louis de Montfort’s Writings, Consecration Videos, Videos in Spanish, and Other Videos.

When the Video page is selected from the menu, an image for each of the video categories will appear. Within each video category, there are numerous video titles that are then possible to select. A description for most videos will appear on the page, along with some instructions on navigating the video series. The list of videos in this initial release appears above. Please review them and visit the sections to further explore these treasures.

How do I know if what I am doing in my spiritual life is correct? What do I do before making my Act of Total Consecration? What’s next, after making my Total Consecration? All of these questions and more are common to all who practice a Spiritual Prayer Life. Everyone’s journey is slightly different, because we are all at different stages in our Spiritual Journey.

The last area of this multimedia section is the Spiritual Journey page. Here, we recommend the sequence to view and listen to all of the media. There is no right or wrong way to go about navigating the multimedia, but the recommended way is outlined on this page. Links are provided to go directly to the audio or video outlined in the Spiritual Journey.

We hope you take advantage of this new multimedia section of the website. Again, it will be updated periodically and we will send a reminder email when they are posted. We also hope you take the three question survey that appears at the bottom of each Spiritual Insight page. It should take less than a minute and it will provide the Association with some feedback on these Spiritual Insights and help us with future content.

May our powerful patron, the Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of All Hearts continue to strengthen and sustain you, and obtain for you an ever-greater participation in the life of Jesus, her Son.


Ad Jesum Per Mariam

(For Jesus Through Mary)


Association of Mary, Queen of All Hearts

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