Fr Hugh Announces New Multimedia Web Section

Dear members of the Association of Mary, Queen of All Hearts,

May the perfect love of God reign in our hearts!

It has been my desire for quite some time that a system be implemented which would enable more frequent and useful communication with the widespread membership of our Association. In the late nineteenth century, our fellowship was originally established under the title of the Confraternity of Mary, Queen of All Hearts. The goal of our foundation involved the establishment of local centers where the members could gather not only to make their Act of Total Consecration, but also to meet and know one another and to receive ongoing formation and accompaniment, as they strived to grow in authentic living of the spirituality of Fr. de Montfort. Over time, however, the great enthusiasm of the faithful for our Founder’s spirituality of consecration produced the situation in which the rate at which consecration manuals were being distributed greatly out-paced the ability of our relatively few centers to keep pace with such a dramatic expansion into new and far-flung locations.

Over the past few years our staff at the Center of the Association of Mary, Queen of All Hearts, has been actively working to form a core of associates to help with the reestablishment of a local center on Long Island, NY, where the faithful can once again receive the benefit of regular formation in the spirituality of St. Louis de Montfort. Two important aspects of this work have been the creation of a website for the Association and the work of carefully entering thousands of hand-written enrollment records into an electronic database to allow us the possibility of effective electronic communication with our members. While these efforts have been taking place, I have also been working to produce and make available a number of new resources – audio, video and written – to be used in the ongoing formation of our members in the Montfortian spiritual tradition.

I am happy to report that the Association’s website will be updated and made available shortly to include a new section dedicated to making these new resources available to our membership. Details will be released and sent to you via email in the near term. Additionally, our framework for electronic communications (via emails) has matured to the point where we can now offer more regular and substantial updates to our members.

Please remember to include the membership and works of the Association in your prayers and be assured of my continued prayers for each and every one of you.


Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM
National Moderator

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