What is a Christian

“Anyone who is cast into this divine mold is quickly shaped and molded into Jesus and Jesus into him…” (St. Louis de Montfort TD 219)


What is a Christian? As Fr. Hugh Gillespie, SMM discusses during a recent Living Your Consecration To Mary Retreat, the answer to this question will influence the vision and actions of your Spiritual Life. Why? When we settle for a second best understanding of what it is to be a Christian, at best our living a Christian life will also be second best; that is to say, not realize its full potential. Cluster of answers may include: A Christian is a follower of Jesus! No! A Christian believes in the Gospels! No! A Christian is a person of prayer and charity! No!

Fr. Hugh states a Christian is more than these things. These characteristics are good and necessary, and indeed a Christian includes these characteristics. But that does not make us Christians! Fr. Hugh discusses the teachings of St. Louis de Montfort and outlines what it is to be a Christian in this 7 (seven) minute audio. The first minute or so frames the discussion as part of the St. Louis de Montfort’s Spirituality discussion in this Retreat. The rest of this Spiritual Insight explains What is a Christian and how this definition influences Living Your Total Consecration To Mary.

We hope you find this Spiritual Insight helpful and encourage you to listen to the full Living Your Consecration To Mary Conference Audio.


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