How Do We Reflect on the Mysteries


How do we Reflect on the Mysteries? (from the Secret of the Rosary Retreat)

For myself, I know of no better way of establishing the reign of God, Eternal Wisdom, than to unite vocal and mental prayer by saying the holy Rosary and meditating on its fifteen Mysteries. (St. Louis de Montfort LEW 193)

In the QoAH Spiritual Insight How Do We Prepare to Pray?, Fr. Hugh Gillespie discusses Prayer and How to Prepare to Pray. In that discussion, Fr. Hugh also outlines the required and optional components of the Rosary. Fr. Hugh also mentions that the Mysteries is a required part of the Rosary. But how does one reflect and meditate on the Mysteries?

At a recent Secret of the Rosary Retreat in Alabama, Fr. Hugh declares that St. Louis de Montfort wrote (in quantity and length) as many Hymns and Songs as he did his spiritual teachings and writings. St. Louis de Montfort, within his writings, reflected and meditated on the Mysteries. In this audio, Fr. Hugh continues, that he translated Fr. de Montfort’s reflections on the Sorrowful Mysteries, and incorporates them into the Rosary prayed at the retreat. As Fr. Hugh states, it is as close as possible to being able to pray with a Saint.

Fr. Hugh indicates he says this prayer, with these reflections, in preparation for Holy Week. Obviously, we would not incorporate all of these portions of the prayer into our own daily spiritual prayer life. But this Rosary, which is so beautiful and spiritually insightful, provides us with the reflections and meditations of St. Louis de Montfort, and should provide a way to influence our own reflections on these Mysteries.

You are invited to listen to this 35 minute audio that includes this topic and more.



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